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If you have MP3, WAVE files or CD tracks you wish to have as Ringtone for your mobile, now you will not have to pay or to send that tedious SMS to certain company.

If you install this lite application in your computer, you will be able to convert your favorite songs into the most common Ringtone format in a matter of seconds (MMF AMR, MIDI, MP3, WAV, AAC, MP4, 3GP).

Joy Ringtone Converter includes all you need to convert your mp3, wave or CD tracks. It even includes a CD Ripper in case the song you want to convert is in an Audio CD.

The CD riper included offers you a good output quality and high ripping speed and the MP3 Compressor can reduce the MP3 file size up to 30%-70%, which is really useful taking on account that those ringtones are thought to be stored in your mobile phone.

The demo version only converts the first 5 seconds of data selected.

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